Korin Agropecuária Ltda

Korin Nature Farming

Brazilian company founded in 1994, is the first company in Brazil to produce chickens and eggs without the use of antibiotics as growth promoters or medicines. It is also the first Brazilian company to follow the Humane Farm Animal Care Protocol in raising chickens. It has become a reference in the development of agricultural technologies and animal husbandry.

The mission of Korin is to produce and sell foods that promote good health and well-being of consumers, as well as the prosperity of farmers, using production methods that evolve gradually to the Nature Farming method advocated by Mokiti Okada based on a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable agriculture model.

Organic chicken: Korin chickens are fed with certified organic grains with no animal origin components and with no antibiotics.
Organic Soybean Oil: From non GMO soybeans produced without pesticides. In the process of oil extraction without chemical solvents, the soybeans are crushed mechanically.
Organic Coffee: Roasted and Ground, Roasted Beans.
Organic Apiculture products: Bee honey and Propolis produced from the wild flowers and plants of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest.
Organic Rice: Polished Rice and Brown Rice.
Organic Beans: Carioca Beans and Black Beans.

Empresa Korin Agropecuária Ltda
Marca Korin
Certificado IBD, IMO and Ecocert
Contato Valter Watanabe
E-mail valter.watanabe@korin.com.br
Endereço Rua Morgado de Mateus, 531
CEP 04015-051 - São Paulo - SP - Brazil
Telefone +55 11 3728 4100 / +55 11 5083 8088