Korin Agropecuária Ltda

Korin Nature Farming

Korin ‘s main goal of is to improve organic livestock production chains. The company plays an important role in developing this culture and considers farming a way to build a better world. For that purpose, Korin takes on a pioneer and innovative stance. Featuring vast experience in the production and marketing of organic foods, Korin launches its Organic Chicken.

Certified by Mokiti Okada, Korin’s organic chicken follows strict requirements regarding organic livestock production. Animal wellbeing guiding principles are put into practice, and animals are respected in their natural way of life. This is of utmost importance to the company, since we are intent on offering prime and safe products, of superb flavor, that can be exported to the most demanding markets.

Organic Chicken: free from antibiotic-based performance enhancers 
Organic Coffee: a tasty and healthy drink
Garden Bokashi: an organic fertilizer used to prepare and restore the soil

Empresa Korin Agropecuária Ltda
Marca Korin
Certificado IBD
Contato Valter Watanabe
E-mail valter.watanabe@korin.com.br
Endereço Rua Morgado de Mateus, 531
CEP 04015-051 - São Paulo - SP - Brazil
Telefone +55 11 3728 4100 / +55 11 5083 8088